Introducing To The START-UPS In The World Of DECENTURION

In order to comprehend how many factors, as well as what are the conditions required to be aligned for a country to prosper, one should first realize that the answer to this is not necessarily a straightforward one. However, in the most simplified way, it can be answered by saying that the


In order to comprehend how many factors, as well as what are the conditions required to be aligned for a country to prosper, one should first realize that the answer to this is not necessarily a straightforward one. However, in the most simplified way, it can be answered by saying that the country’s prosperity depends mainly on the quantity/quality of contributions rendered by its inhabitants.

While this is a good point from where we can begin tackling this approach, in order to go one step deeper, we can assume the responsibility in saying that the prosperity of a country is directly dictated by the state of its Economy. And in such manner, we’re arriving at the Start-Ups — which constitute undoubtedly the lifeblood of any Economy.

And indeed, you might have the most solid and advanced infrastructure in the the entire world, but if you don’t have a constant new stream (new enterprises) flowing in to reinvigorate it — little by little your apparently solid infrastructure is going to get corroded and then the collapse is not far away.

Now, even if Decenturion has the vision to build a country cemented on some core-principles radically deviant from what we are used to see in our already formed modern ones ( you can discover more details here: ) the need for a healthy Economy is by no means an exception.

On contrary, this is something that Decenturion is taking with the utmost seriousness; thus a very-well designed system to provide great incentives and encourage new businesses to come in on their platform, was put in place.

These new businesses coming in, as well as the existent ones that choose to switch by launching/re-launching their activity on the Decenturion’s territory, are called Start-Ups. They are de facto potent and grounded enterprises that deliver physical/digital products and services.

Here are some of the current Start-Ups already entered the Decenturion arena:

== Gridcube –> Multi-cloud BlockChain as a service utilized for the quick creation of business applications. 

== AskinChat –> Platform for the search of goods and services in response to the buyer’s needs with the discussion of the transaction in the chat-format messenger.

== Cryptorobotics –> Free cross-platform trading terminal for any CryptoCurrencies exchanges supporting the API.

== IDCS –> Service platform for interaction between clinics and laboratories in the work process.

== TERRA ELECTRO –> Manufacturer of electric transport for delivery services, car-sharing and taxi.

== SolSuntech — > Manufacturer of the world’s first solar panel with a 3D structure of a photocell and a record efficiency of 33%.

== Finolog –> Creates a platform for P2P lending with built-in scoring services, search for an investment object, risk assessment and return on investment.

== Happy Birthday –> Service platform for organizing celebration of birthdays anywhere in the world.

== Crypto Jewelry –> Manufacturer of exclusive handmade jewelry with CryptoSymbolics.

== UMC –> Platform with AI for managing smart-advertising in messengers.

== FLOGMall –> Platform for e-commerce, which allows you to buy/sell goods and services for any CryptoCurrency.

== Travel with me –> Platform for the organization of tourist trips and the choice of fellow travelers.  

It’s always very refreshing and captivating to watch closely what kind of new businesses enter our economy and what new ideas/innovations they have to offer.

In the past, when I was applying for Airdrops — the main motivation why I was doing it, besides receiving the free tokens of course, was to see and analyze new businesses entering the market. In this way I was feeding my appetite for the new elements manifesting in the BlockChain space.

This is also a good method to keep the pace with the actual trends and be on top of things. By doing so, it helps me tremendously in gaining a better insight and ultimately — in making significantly more informed, efficient, pragmatic and profitable decisions.


I would conclude by stating that the Start-Ups can be seen as the engine of the Economy, being doomed to play a decisive role in the shaping of the infrastructures.

For me, the quest for a permanent digging and lookout after the Start-Ups represents not only a very productive, but also an uplifting pursuit which helps me keeping a good Economic perspective and contributes to my self-development in general.

I’m glad to see that Decenturion manifests a high interest in getting as many and as qualitative Start-Ups as possible on their play-field; it tells me that they are aware of the importance of building a sustainable long-term Economical foundation.

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Disclaimer: I disclose that I’m paid in DCNT tokens for my publications about Decenturion. There is no guarantee that DCNT or any other Start-Up tokens will be successful; nor, at any point, I guarantee their future price/value, if any price/value at all. However, I share my own genuine thoughts corresponding with my intellectual and ethical perspectives and I chose to promote it not because of the monetary incentive alone, but also because I truly believe in its product, service and vision as a whole; that being said, you should realize that my belief might be biased and you should do your own research and take actions based on your own investigation and not based on my beliefs — therefore I hold no liability for any of your actions.