The way our current Governments are structured Today makes us longing for something more, something else, something better, something more designed in citizens' interests.....


The way our current Governments are structured Today makes us longing for something more, something else, something better, something more designed in citizens’ interests…

A Government where we would have the luxury of a financial, economic and political stability; allowing us to live in prosperity and peace with each other.

A Government where we would not have a judicial and taxation system designed to impoverish and enslave us.

A Government where the flow would be based on meritocracy rather than on hierarchy & corruption.

All this might seem impossible, utopian, a naive illusion…; when in fact the propaganda fed to us that this is impossible, utopian and a naive illusion — is actually the only true illusion here.

Anyway, to back up my words, I want to introduce Today my readers to Decenturion — the first BlockChain State (perhaps the only true decentralized and democratized State that we have now in existence on the entire planet).

This State was formed on June 4, 2018. The official date of formation is timed to the 1st speech of Decenturion representatives at a special UN event in New York, USA.

The Decenturion’s economy is placed on 2 forms of participation:

• Citizen — a physical resident;

• Startup — a legal resident.

The passport is released to individuals and legal entities. It’s relatively simple to get it: you are required to sign up on the Decenturion website and link the passport to the Ethereum ERC-20 wallet.

A couple of months ago, Decenturion started in an Airdrop form and was free to register and get a passport and citizenship (I was fortunate enough to acquire it back then for free by applying for their airdrop). Now you have to pay for it: https://decenturion.com/signup/y0I82587ONDY. The current price at this moment of speaking is already $112. Every time someone gets a passport, 1 DCNT token is locked. It’s said that the price for becoming a citizen is increasing with each day and the number of passports are limited since there are only 30,000,000 DCNT tokens that will ever exist.

But it’s an one-time payment and you get a lot of benefits by becoming a Decenturion Citizen. When a passport is issued and activated, 1 Decenturion token is assigned to the citizen’s account. A user can possess any number of inactivated tokens within the release.

The ownership of Decenturion tokens grants every citizen a proprietary right of ownership in the state.

Each Decenturion citizen has the rights such as:

• the right to get free startup tokens in accordance to the volume of Decentuirion tokens held their possession;

• the right to assign startup tokens;

• the right to assign Decenturion tokens and bring new citizens. 

This manner Decenturion delivers to its citizens entire state ownership, management, and control of the propaganda:

• Money: all income in the structure of startup tokens distributed to the internal market;

• Power: the total quantity of power appears from the admission of new residents, new projects;

• Glory: all the informational and promotional support possessed by Decenturion.

Obviously these are just the basic rights which are already amazing; however, when you become a citizen you can achieve a lot of things and make even an entire career inside this BlockChain Country which might become very profitable in a considerably shorter period of time in comparison to the traditional world.

Also, keep in mind that the BlockChain is still in its infancy and we’re still exploring only the peak of the iceberg; as this technology continues to evolve — increasingly more opportunities will emerge down the road…

In this Country, there is no any president, chairman or any other Governing entity. There are though ministries administered by ministers put in function in accordance to their merits and voted or downvoted by the citizens.

There are Today so far 10 ministries:

• General Assembly (lawmaking).

• Ministry of Justice

• Ministry of Commerce

• Ministry of Foreign Affairs

• Ministry of Information

• Ministry of Education

• Ministry of Administrative Deals (software engineering, technical maintenance, printing of documents)

• Ministry of Labor

• Ministry of Finance (state reserve)

• Ministry of Industry (work with startups)

Each ministry possess quotas meant for accredited organizations: from 250 to 2,500 accredited entities, experts, advisers.

When you get your passport and become a citizen, you start off as a regular physical citizen and are already entitled to receive tokens from the variety of startups (real businesses) that deploy their business activities on Decenturion’s territory.

And even if this alone is already a very good position to have, obviously, you aren’t limited to this only. You can apply to work for one of the ministries or perhaps for many simultaneously and as you bring your contribution — become media accredited, curator, senior-curator… all the way up to the minister and senator.

Another absolutely fascinating thing is One of Decenturion’s regular events — Road Show — an event structured and deployed by the Ministry of Commerce in combination with the Ministry of Education. This format represents the allocation of startup tokens among visitors. Every startup transfers a minimum of $ 500,000 in its tokens to the citizens who attend that event. Every Road Show will include at least 10 startups. The sum of total allocation is $ 5 million. The entire number of visitors is 200 and the entrance is allowed only via passport. Tokens are allocated in direct proportion to the number of citizens present, which means every audience member gets $ 25 thousand just for attending the Road Show.

Hence, we can predict an increment in passport appreciation by more than tens of thousands of dollars within a short timeframe.

Apart from the implying economic stimulation, lawmaking and increase of the popularity, Decenturion sets the task of figuring its potential on the global arena. This range of tasks involves the opening of bank accounts for Decenturion’s citizens in the banks of friendly states, the legalization and authentication of a visa-free regime for the holders of Decenturion passports, as well as attaining the status of an independent Country.

The solution of the range of things mentioned requires serious investments in the organization and implementation of diplomatic missions, the institution and opening of embassies, as well as in the acquiring of land and its alienation for the Decenturion Country and its status of sovereignty.

There are a lot of exciting things going on with this 1st BlockChain state and it’s impossible for me to go over all of them whereas I’m still learning myself. If you want to discover more and become even a participant by getting the citizenship — head over and register here: https://decenturion.com/signup/y0I82587ONDY (That’s my referral link and I get 25% if you use it. But if you don’t want to use it, I still encourage you to register and get your citizenship via their original Web page, since this is indeed a revolutionary and more citizen-oriented citizenship than we currently have in USA or any other country around the world).

In my own perception… Believe me or not, ever since I got in CryptoCurrencies (2015) I’ve had the occasion to see a tremendous amount of BlockChain projects (hundreds, if not thousands…); and obviously there are many factors involved and it’s realistically impossible to predict 100% whether this project will in the future succeed or not, but one thing I can say for certain: this is the most outside-the-box BlockChain project that I have ever encountered in this space so far.

I will end this article with an amazing message from their manifesto:

The essence of decentralization in Decenturion implies that there is no president, chairman or other governing entity or person — in this structure everybody plays an equal role. Likewise the classic Country, Decenturion exists and operates due to the activities performed by its citizens. But only here, in Decenturion, the citizens are appreciated & valued so much that they aren’t obligated pay taxes to the State. Decenturion transfers its precious assets to citizens free of charge in the tokens’ form that are brought in from startups that join Decenturion.

Image’s source — Google.com

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Disclaimer: I’m not a financial expert, nor do I have any license in this field, nor do I pretend at any point to know exactly what will happen in the future. The above information is presented for educational and entertaining purposes only and by no means should be classified as a financial advice or any guarantee of the past, present or future. You are strongly encouraged to do your own research and you should never rely entirely on other people’s opinions — therefore I hold no liability for any of your actions.