As with everything in this Universe, arguably, Fear is a sword with 2 edges.

It can be absolutely beneficial as a precautious and protective measures, especially when you have to balance risks or avoid dangerous circumstances.....


As with everything in this Universe, arguably, Fear is a sword with 2 edges.

It can be absolutely beneficial as a precautious and protective measures, especially when you have to balance risks or avoid dangerous circumstances.

Some scientists also claim that activating an Artificial Fear (for example when you watch a Horror movie, or experiencing a Scary dream — which also, from esoteric science stand point, might be ascribed to a Real Fear occurring simultaneously in another dimension) contributes pretty much in a direct way to the alleviation of your depression; whereas it creates a condition of hyperactiveness, releasing to the brain impulses of urgency and tendency of taking measures.

But Fear also can serve as a quite detrimental instrument. It has the ability to preclude you from taking actions that would bring a lot of benefits in your life, especially in the financial sphere. It also has the ability to prevent you from taking decisive bold decisions that might eventually lead you to a tremendous success. In general, it possesses the ability to stifle your self-accomplishment and ultimately — your happiness.

If you allow too much Fear in your life — essentially you narrow your horizons and limit the capacity of your brain, enclosing your vision in a small box and you can’t fly anymore. People in power know very well about this psychological particularity and use it in order to exercise control over us.


We can track the misuse and abuse of the Fear by the authorities upon the public all throughout the history under different forms and pretexts in order to exploit and enslave it; but obviously we won’t delve Today into all of it, since it’s a much broader subject. We won’t even dive into the Contemporary misuse and abuse of this instrument, whereas it’s a too broad subject as well.

Instead, we’ll make a stop at the Financial sector and see how Fear is generated here and triggered in an utterly outrageous way, so much so that if the majority would suddenly realize how our Financial system really functions — probably would be a “French Revolution” by Tomorrow!

First off, the common sense: in order to do a thing with utmost efficiency and with the least side effects — you must perform in advance a proper preparation. Therefore, whenever the people in power decide to institute some thing, first they prepare the public. How they do this? Well, the general answer would be they try to convince us that what they are about to do is beneficial for us in order for the process to be smooth and reducing the probability of revolts from our side.

They might engineer some false-flag events in order to prompt our emotions. A lot of times these false-flag events are catastrophic and thereby they result in Fear. Once the Fear is deployed upon masses, now they can use it to change their beliefs and mentality altogether. It’s relatively very easy to catch us in such a trap.

Before the creation of the Federal Reserve in 1913, in the Christmas Eve, we had a much more decentralized way of how we operate with our finances. After the Federal Reserve was instituted, now they needed to make everybody else to transition and accept their system, right? So they designed all these local/world wars and economic crashes in order to inject in us Fear and convince us through Fear and make us willing to use their system.


And look what this got us at Today: we don’t have any ownership of our assets, in fact, we don’t even have any authentic assets. All we have is derivatives of assets and Fiat money, and an enormous debt. Even the Real Estate that we acquire, we do it via debt and put ourselves at an enormous blatant risk. All the stocks, bonds, commodities etc… are not held in our possession, thus they are in reality derivatives and by no means assets.

It’s absolutely clear that we live in a financial system that benefits a very small percentage of the population at the expense of the rest. And how it can be otherwise when the whole world should obey and answer to a private institution as Federal Reserve is, that lays on a cloud where regulations and laws don’t apply.

And is painfully sad to see how the majority still believes that all these wars and economic crashes of the 20th century occurred in a natural way. If this was the case: how do you explain that exactly after the Wall Street Big Crash of 1929, Franklin Roosevelt released a demanding law imposing all the citizens to concede all their Gold assets in exchange for Federal Reserve Note, that we call Dollar? This is the period where the authorities convinced people that is safer and better to concede their real assets in exchange for Fiat denomination that has only a centralized artificial value and is doomed for inflation since it has an infinite supply. Is this a coincidence?

Next step was to convince people to move their already artificial value into custodians and let others keep it for them. Thus Banks became popular and later payment processors and other 3rd party criminal organizations. And whenever they wanted to convince the public of anything, what’s the fastest way if not through wars and economic crashes since these are events which create a tremendous Fear, especially for people who aren’t aware how all this system works.

That’s why when the BlockChain technology emerged in 2008 and the people were offered yet again a way to take their assets in their own possession by locking their CryptoCurrencies with Private Keys, everybody looked at it with a very big skepticism, confusion and doubt; mainly due to the Fear of the past that was seeded in our minds as all these fabricated events took place.


Many see CryptoCurrencies as yet another shiny bubble propelled by hype that has only the role of price speculation, serving just as a vehicle for get rich quick or lose everything type of schemes. But unfortunately these many miss the bigger picture, a turning point in humans’ history where a redistribution of wealth on the entire planet is becoming possible and available once more through a decentralization of ownership, a distributed ledger technological philosophy and an awakening of universal human spirit as a whole.

And if we want to make this choice and become participants in this uplifting wave, we need to learn how to create our own Private Keys and learn how to protect them.

But in order to arrive at such desire, we need first to take a step back, wake up from the sleeping and reshape our mentality in the way it benefits us, instead of a few who only tend to enslave us so they preserve all the power they want at the expense of the rest.

Many believe that we are at a brink of a new Economic Collapse yet again and this one should be bigger than the one from 2008 and others say it might be bigger even than the one from 1929. If this does happen, the people that don’t understand how the Financial System works will lose most if not all of their wealth. While the people who know how to protect their wealth by transferring it from the derivatives form into the assets form should be in a much better situation and perhaps even do very well whereas whenever it’s a transition from a system to another — as history taught us — the prepared and all-positioned ones have the potential to acquire immense advantages over a staggeringly short time interval.


In conclusion, I would urge people to take the time to research and truly ponder upon what they really risk and endanger themselves but not taking the responsibility to claim the ownership of their properties. Just because you have certain numbers on the screen appearing every time you log into your bank account, payment processor or any other custodian middle man type entity — doesn’t mean you have full control over these numbers since you don’t own the Private Key; and if something goes wrong or for whatever reason they decide to confiscate them, there is no way you can protect yourself.

Yes, it seems quite scary, difficult and perhaps even unreasonable, especially at this moment in time where our minds are put at sleep by this propaganda of Fear and ignorance; but the fact is that if you don’t choose to control and own yourself, others will certainly do it for you; without you even noticing that!!!…….

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