The General PERCEPTION Of The CryptoCurrencies

It’s an interesting thing to ponder upon human nature. Even though we acknowledge the importance of the Objectivism, I think we’re predominantly Subjective entities.

Perhaps this is rather a beautiful thing, although it becomes a subject for debate in a number of situations…


It’s an interesting thing to ponder upon human nature. Even though we acknowledge the importance of the Objectivism, I think we’re predominantly Subjective entities.

Perhaps this is rather a beautiful thing, although it becomes a subject for debate in a number of situations…

And according to my observations — the more complex the situation is, the more Subjectivism we apply in order to interact with it.

And what is CryptoCurrencies if not a tremendously complex and controversial topic?!…

Usually, the majority of the people tend to avoid complicated matters, which generally, is not necessarily a bad thing; but on the other hand, might be a good idea to give yourself once in a while a chance and ask yourself what’s the impact and the reward that you attain from dealing with a particular complicated matter.

So, the point that I’m trying to make is that people should rather judge and decide whether to involve themselves or not into a specific domain according to what benefits it might deliver to them instead of the simplicity or the complexity of it. We should tend to cultivate in ourselves the inclination and the desire that when we encounter an intricate and contentious phenomena — to spark our curiosity and fascination and be eager to see what’s the level of this intricacy and how can we tap into it in order to broaden our horizons and extract new resources and assets for ourselves.

There are a myriad of debates Today across all the BlockChain & CryptoCurrencies field, to name the few:

== centralization vs decentralization vs semidecentralization;

== speed vs convenience vs security;

== regulation vs deregulation;

== technology vs use case vs speculation (primarily — price speculation);

== custodianship vs derivatives vs ownership of the private keys;

== online wallets vs local wallets vs client-side wallets vs hardware wallets vs paper wallets;

== hard forks vs soft forks vs sidechains vs second, third & additional extra layers;

== anonymity vs tracked “transparency”;

== immutability vs reversed transactions;

== proof of work vs proof of stake vs delegated proof of stake vs adaptive stakingvs proof of capacity vs proof of importance etc…;

== open BlockChains vs Private BlockChains;

== BlockChain vs Directed Acyclic Graph (DAG);

and many others…………………………………………………………………

So the list looks pretty frightening and a newcomer seeing all this might pretty much just wave his/her hand, deciding to not bring upon him/her all this headache.

Well, that’s understandable; but nonetheless, I want to encourage you to consider bringing some more headache in your life, whereas if you ever want to explore and master great things in our environment — you will have to, at some point, undergo a certain degree of extra complexity.

That being said, the above list should by no means intimidate or scare us; on contrary, the more controversies a field has, the more value it contains.

Evidently, I think there is no reason to hide or ignore the fact that the majority (perhaps as much as at least 90%) of those who do decide to become participants in such a field are mainly interested in the Price only; which again, is not necessarily a very bad thing and we definitely should not demonize this. But you have to realize that the Price is a result and a consequence of things that lay at a much deeper level.

If you want to succeed at riding the Price’s waves and not drown in the process, you should visualize and understand first what causes these waves, what’s their nature, why were they created and why are they needed to be present to begin with… If you find yourself to be one of those who only say positive things about Cryptos when the Price goes up and then negative things when the Price goes down — then you clearly didn’t try to look deeper into it to be able to pierce beyond the Price surface.

If you’re in this category, would be better off that you stay away from such domain as CryptoCurrencies; since sooner or later you’re going to be punished. And the severity of this punishment will depend proportionally on the intensity of the risk that you undertook.

Also, you should proceed in a smart way and establish for yourself diversified strategies (short and long terms). And even if you succeeded once or twice or 10 times from some short-term strategies, don’t think you cracked the code and now that’s all you need. That only means that you got lucky and if you are not going to have in place any long-term strategy and balanced multidimensional risk management — eventually you will get burnt and will have to start all over again or quit (as the majority of us do unfortunately). You better believe that since I’m telling this from my own painful experience from the past.


In conclusion: the BlockChain & CryptoCurrencies is, in my opinion, one of the most exciting and captivating fields that exist out there; having a colossal potential to bring financial freedom in a very short period of time. But never forget that it also has a colossal risk where you could easily lose a significant part, if not all, of your wealth!

If you’re not ready and willing to commit venturing yourself in a journey beneath the thick surface of the Price — then you probably are much better off to just practice a daily 9-5 job.

The Universe surrounding us is architected in such a way that it punishes superficiality and rewards profoundness. The moment you perceive that — everything becomes crystal-clear, simple, easy and beautiful; and you start seeing limpidly what your direction genuinely is.

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